“Welcome to the Jungle”

“Welcome to the Jungle”

“Welcome to the Jungle” by Hillary Smith is one of the best, and I mean truly one of the best books I have read about bipolar disorder. It’s so brilliantly written that even as I re-read it – I find it brilliant each and every time. I highly recommend this book. It’s also one of the first books that gave me the most efficient and well put information on the disorder. She goes in depth about her own life, being manic, depressed, and having psychosis, about medications and therapies, and a whole bunch of other subjects regarding anyone who has no freaking idea how to face their bipolar disorder without “freaking out.”

It honestly helped me view my disorder without all the drama and stigma associated with it. It made light of what is heavy. Not that it made it not significant, but it made it easier to digest. It gave me the total insight on the things I needed to know but didn’t know how to ask. The book can help you in more ways than you can imagine and it’s not at all one of those books you throw across the floor because you are consumed by boredness of it. She is the real deal and she’s funny, witty, & curses (which is my cup of tea in any person. … profanity shouldn’t be frowned upon!). She is passionate, and her words pull you right into the mood of wanting to know more. In addition, and the highlight of it all – her words make you want to be the best version of yourself and to apply to your life the things she talks about. And guess what?!? You will! Simply because thats how fucking amazing this book is.

I’m sharing this with you guys because I want everyone who suffers from this disorder to find the light at the end of a really long and dark tunnel. Most people do not know this but people who have bipolar disorder are one of the most creative people in the world. Guess we are wired that way. That alone is a gift we should embrace. So, embrace it… I dare you.

“Jungle wanderers know that life is long and contains infinite possibility. They know that things that seem important in the short term are often less important in the long term; that setbacks can have hidden gifts and that successes can contain hidden setbacks; and that the ingredients for a meaningful life are not always what they tell you in school. They often use this perspective to help other people going through the jungle for the first time.”

The jungle is chaotic but still very beautiful and that is what this book will teach you. You will learn so much, you will feel the words as they roll of your tongue, you will understand that you’re not alone. This book will help you be the best version of yourself. I stand by this book with my entire soul because it is that real and totally liberating. So my fellow “jungle wanderers” go and make this purchase. It is money well spent – I guarantee it.

“Welcome to the jungle” ladies & gentleman & don’t be scared of the lions, tigers, and bears.

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