Where there’s one… there’s another…

Where there’s one… there’s another…

Most of us who have bipolar disorder know about comorbidity. This is when you’re diagnosed with one disorder and you get diagnosed with a few more. For example, I am diagnosed with bipolar II disorder, but I’m also diagnosed with major anxiety, and ADHD. You could imagine the multitude of medications that I am on. One for the actual bipolar (Latuda), one as a mood stabilizer (Lamictal ER), one for my anxiety (Klonopin), and one for my ADHD (Adderall). Nice mixed cocktail, eh? Unfortunately for me, they are a must. Otherwise I cannot function. Especially when I am depressed and need to keep myself highly functioning and focused. Those A+’s in school don’t come without a sacrifice. For me there is nothing else. I aim to be the best!

Honestly, I don’t know how I feel about all my medications. For one, I feel like my Klonipin has reached it’s limitations on helping with me with my anxiety. The longer you take anything the more your body becomes extremely tolerant to it. My psychiatrist lately has been a total fucking moron. Either it is his age or he has lost any interest in helping me. I definitely need to look into changing my doctor. The mood stabilizer isn’t so bad. I do feel less temperamental, even though when someone upsets me it’s very, very, very bad. My anger is something I cannot control and no one seems to understand that. My bipolar medication seems to work as well. I don’t feel as depressed as I did before. I do think about minimizing the dosage of it. I think it has a lot to do with me getting fatigue. I will look further into this with hopefully a new psychiatrist.

Comorbidity is just what happens to many people when you get diagnosed with bipolar disorder. It is never just ONE diagnosis. It is never just one pill solves all. Where there is one problem, it compacts into another. And the list goes on and on. It almost feels like you’re some broken person with an unstoppable train of problems. Trust me, you’re not!

One of the most prevalent comorbidities of today’s day is substance abuse. It is rated the highest among people who suffer from bipolar disorder and it’s very depressing. Most people tend to seek an escape from their disorder because sometimes it’s very hard to live with it. Has anyone experienced substance abuse as their comorbidity? If so, please share.

Thank you everyone & have a blessed evening.

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