Certain triggers.

Certain triggers.

There are some people who come into your life with the worst intentions ever and slowly but surely become a trigger for you. Even though this person is thankfully no longer in my life, there are certain dates that cause triggers. Which lead me to be horribly mad and depressed. July 4th is one of those many days. I’m busy at work so I am trying not to think about the past too much or even the bullshit I dealt with knowing I should have left for good this time last year. The problem was this one person was someone I grew up with and they actually meant a lot to me so, I put up with shit I should have not. We are no where on speaking terms because this year revealed the type of person they truly are. I’m not going to sit here and act all innocent like I wasn’t irrational or my behavior was any better than theirs. The thing is this, they are living their perfect envisioned life while I am having a horrible day due to unfortunate memories. This day is always going to haunt me whether I like it or not. Add it to my list of regrets. Feeling nothing but depression today. So much for fireworks.

Have a blessed one ya.

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