Dear September

Dear September

September is approaching fairly quickly and to be honest I am so freaking excited! I’m back at school and I cannot wait. Yes. I sound like a total nerd!

In all honestly school keeps me sane. The learning, the hard work, the research and papers, the exams, the pressure. I love it all. Yes, during this time I’m usually stressed but in a good stressed, because I know I’m working extremely hard toward my goals. I only have three semesters left till I get my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.

I always loved to learn, however my upbringing wasn’t the easiest and honestly I didn’t care for school at all. Growing up and going to college has taught me a lot about everything, including me finding my one true passion. Being a Psychology major literally gets me going. I want to know the human mind and how it behaves and why people act and are a certain way. Though I have learned a lot, I do not stop when the classroom stops. I am beyond passionate about each class I take and I always follow up with learning more about the subject even when my grades are in. It’s never dull, and it’s always enlightening. Each branch of Psychology brings in different spectrums of knowledge.

I have come a far way from how I was when I was growing up, and not for nothing Psychology even helped me with my disorder, because it made me want to know more. It made me want to research everything under the sun about the disorder. It also made me stand up in a classroom last semester and tell a whole bunch of strangers during a presentation that I myself have Bipolar Disorder. So, in a sense it made me brave. I hate that we live in a world where stigma controls the minds of every individual into believing that people who suffer from mental illness are the worst kinds of people. It really breaks my heart and disgusts me all at the same time.

It’s no secret my mood swings have gotten the best of my life throughout the years, but I never let it stop me from wanting to learn more about the psychological factors of humans. And, I don’t want to ever stop learning about it. I don’t care if someone has a mental illness and it’s not because I do, but it’s because no matter what at the end of the day we are all human. If Susan, the “normal” girl in my class can get an A, then what makes me think I can’t? I can, and I have! Having bipolar disorder doesn’t mean that I won’t work hard to get what I deserve. I deserve to graduate and pursue my career in rehab.

I want everyone to know that their disorder doesn’t have to stop them from ever having their dreams come true. If you truly want something so bad, go out there and get it! It may take some us longer, and it may be even harder but that doesn’t mean we can’t achieve it. Everything you set your mind to can become real… you just have to give it your all and at the same time believe in yourself!

I have mentioned this before and I’ll mention it again. People with bipolar disorder have an amazingly creative mind and that’s not just me saying that as an opinion. That is a fact proven by science. So, with that said, our minds are more creative than the next person and with that we can do brilliant things if we just wanted to.

Don’t let this disorder ever stop you from getting what you want out of life. I know sometimes it’s hard especially if you’re manic or severely depressed. Those days will happen and they will suck, but you have to keep pushing. You can’t stop believing in yourself. You have to grab the bull by the horns and make it your bitch. That’s how we survive in this world. So, if you have goals and a dream… chase it. Don’t ever be mediocre, because you are far from it!

God bless everyone.

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