October 10th

October 10th

October 10th is a very significant day for most individuals. Especially those who live with a mental health disorder. People fail to realize that mental health is just, if not more important than physical health. Being in a good place mentality wise empowers a persons soul, not only their wellbeing. Mental health day awareness is suppose to bring attention & education on what goes on with those suffering from a disorder. As I have stated in many of my blogs, stigma is a real & ugly thing. We face it and live with it everyday. On this particular day we are acknowledged and taken serious. We not only say who we are, but we are empowered by saying it. We not only whisper it in doctor offices, but yell it on top of our lungs. I wish it was like that every single day! But we all know that nothing happens over night. Anything that is worth it, takes time. So bringing awareness in a positive light for those suffering, even if it’s once a year, it’s a big deal to me. Each and every year stigma diminishes less and less and hopefully one day that stupid word won’t even exist.

I wanted to post this blog so badly yesterday, but I’m currently dealing with a virus, school is kicking my ass, and work is pure over load. October 10th is a very important day for me, and it should be for everyone in the world. Not only those with mental health issues. The more awareness people bring the less oblivious others become. This upward movement makes the world a more welcoming, generous, and loving place to exist. People also become kinder because they begin to understand… they aren’t judging you and I anymore. They are accepting. The are relating. They are evolving. That’s what we need in this world, and we need more of it.

It is hard living in a world where you are constantly misunderstood, judged, or not liked. For whatever reason, everyone always has an opinion, and most of the time it’s never a positive one. It’s easy to say “oh, she’s crazy” or ” she’s fucking bipolar.” It’s easy to judge someone without knowing them. It’s easy to be be unkind and unfair. For some reason we live in a world where the negative always overrides the positive; especially in people. But, words hurt and words stick. And sometimes those things really break someone. You never know what anyone is going through in their lives and that’s why you should always be kind, because that girl you just called “fucking bipolar” may have tried to kill herself more than once and maybe one day those ugly words that mean nothing to you, but everything to her; will finally break her.

No one is this world is perfect. Not one soul, and yes it is always easy to judge especially the unknown. It has to stop. Stigma has to stop. Ignorance has to stop. Instead of being a shitty human being, why not be a caring one? Or a loving one? Or a understanding one? We aren’t demons. We are humans living with something we have no control over, and that’s why October 10th is important to me.

Bring all the awareness you can, because we need as much as we can get, and together we can stop the stigma, the hate, the fear and hopefully one day soon we can live in a world where happiness doesn’t seem like some dream we only have once in awhile.

That’s all I got for tonight. Goodnight everyone & God bless. Take care of each other.

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